Over the last few years Carb-Blocker pills have gained popularity. During the trend of the Atkins diet Carb-Blocker Pills became one of the top selling supplements . After the popularity of the Atkins diet began to fade, Carb-blockers have still continued to be popular.

How Carb-Blockers Work

For the most part Carb-Blockers contain a few key ingredients to help them block carbohydrates. The most commonly used ingredient is an extract taken from the kidney Bean known as (Phaseolus Vulgaris). Other ingredients commonly seen in Carb-Blocker pills are Chromium, Vanadum, and Funugreek.

These ingredients are able to block carbohydrates by preventing an enzyme called alpha-amylase from binding with starches. This enzyme when bound to the starches in carbohydrates breaks it down into molecules that the body is able to absorb. By preventing this process the carbohydrate passes through the body without being absorbed.

Several of the studies surrounding Carb-Blockers were initially funded by diabetic research programs to help control insulin levels. This is part of the reason why diabetics need to be careful when using a Carb-Blocker supplement.

Effective Carb Blockers

Most Carb-Blockers will contain some of the ingredients that were mentioned above while others will contain Carb-Blocking ingredients and fat burning ingredients. For people wanting to take a Carb-Blocking pill to help them lose weight then a Carb-Blocker that also contains ingredients to boost metabolism and break down fat are their best bet. We have listed some of the top products in this field of weight loss pills down below.

#1 Editor's Choice - Adapexin-P

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#2 Consumers' Choice - Phenphedrine

Phenphedrine is the strongest diet pill around. It's one of the the only products we have ever reviewed that not only surpassed the weight loss results of the banned Fen-Phen, but is legal and extremely safe. The only reason it is not our #1 diet pill is because Adapexin-P is a bit less expensive.

Phenphedrine is ideal for someone who wants a diet pill / fat burner that contains some of the best ingredients available backed by a money back satisfaction guarantee. The price is great and you can't go wrong with their lifetime guarantee. We say give Phenphedrine a try. Two thumbs up!